• Advising design firms during project initiation, offering solutions that can help their projects operate in a more collaborative and efficient environment. Remaining involved in an overview role for the duration of the project to assist in the management of change and helping the project stay on schedule and budget.


  • Assisting firms by suggesting proven business practices that can allow complex projects to succeed on all levels including risk management and change management.


  • Project profitability and bridging the typical gap between the "design" aspects and the business aspects of design firms.


  • Risk identification, distribution and management. This includes internal risk awareness training of project leadership and of technical staff.


  • Assistance by offering changes to internal processes that can provide measurement and improvement of services and deliverables.


  • Assessment of inter-personal relationships in the project team. Translating these efforts into a more productive and cohesive team


  • Assist design firms contemplating expansion or ownership transition by developing internal process that can be embraced firm wide thus offering consistent management, financial tools and other practice standards.