Owners representative services by assisting and advising owners concerning design team structure and consultant selection. This includes:


  • Structure and organization of the design team and overall project team
  • Selection of lead Design Firms, Consulting Engineers and Specialty Consultants
  • Coordination of Design Team agreements, scope and communication protocols


  • Addressing the characteristics of the individual participants being proposed for the project.


  • Developing contingency, alternate and phasing strategies.


  • Tracking and compliance of MBE/WBE participation in the project


Assist Owners with authoring RFP/RFQ's for their project.


Advise Owners as to the relative merits of various team selection processes and construction delivery processes.


Offering consultation relating to selection, implementation and management of all types of construction delivery methods with a special focus on the Design-Build delivery method and other integrated delivery processes.


Evaluation of A/E efficiency at all levels of project and at all points along the schedule.


Assist Owners in development of the total Project Budget. Many times critical components are omitted from consideration in the absence of an entity focused on the entire project cost.


Assist Owners in the development and management of the Design Schedule and the Project Schedule. Ongoing compliance, monitoring and management of inevitable changes.


Assisting with Lender, Jurisdictional and neighborhood requirements.


Early dispute identification and avoidance.